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The ‘Information is beautiful’ Guide To Climate Change

December 15, 2012

Infographic plainly states the impacts of Climate Change This infographic was … read more »

Nearly $300Million Pledged Worldwide To Save Ecuador Rainforest

December 15, 2012

Conservation Strategy Making Strides Using an innovative conservation strategy, Ecuador is … read more »

“Win-Win”: Vicki Arroyo Talks Preparedness For Climate Change

October 15, 2012

Preparing For Our New Climate In this TED Talk, Executive Director … read more »

The world’s fish predicted to shrink between 14-24% by 2050, UBC Study

October 4, 2012

Global warming to shrink world’s fish. In a recent UBC study, … read more »

Shrinking Arctic ice predicted to impact global weather

September 19, 2012

Arctic ice shrinks to record-low The National Snow and Ice Data … read more »

NASA’s James Hansen discusses extreme weather and his previous climate predictions

August 7, 2012

Climate Change is here – extreme weather more common In this … read more »

Harvard research shows bacteria can be used to turn manganese into a toxic sponge

July 24, 2012

Bacteria can be used to clean-up contaminated mines Scientific American reports … read more »

The impacts of Climate Change on Salmon Fisheries in the Pacific North West also Threatens Traditional Ways of Life

July 23, 2012

Climate change to impact more than just fisheries in Pacific NW … read more »

Big businesses urge government to promote First Nation input in natural resource projects

July 16, 2012

Businesses push for more First Nation input The Globe and Mail … read more »

Insurance Bureau of Canada report says BC should brace for more wildfires

June 11, 2012

IBC says BC wildfires to double in 40 years The Vancouver … read more »