July 18, 2011

Our Team is comprised of John Lerner, founder of ECOLIBRIO, independent associates and affiliates.


John is the Principal of Ecolibrio and sustainable livelihood development specialist, with a background in economic and business development as well as climate adaptation and resource management. He has a passion for entrepreneurs and business development and sustainable resource use and a deep appreciation of indigenous culture. John holds a master’s degree in economics from Dalhousie University and has 16 years of work experience with communities, industry, government, First Nations as well as non-government organizations.

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Don is a Registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia with a broad, mutli-discipline background in civil engineering relating to earth sciences. Don holds a masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering and combines engineering judgement with creativity to develop ways to achieve positive outcomes for industry, government and First Nations organizations.

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Perry holds a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Development and Sustainability Studies from Simon Fraser University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Lethbridge. Perry works as a Community Planner with a passion sustainable community development. Perry and has worked in British Columbia, Alberta and throughout Latin America in the areas of Land Use Planning, economic development, socio-economic impact analysis, and communications.

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Thomas holds a degree in Global Resource Systems (GRS) from the University of British Columbia, and specializes in Integrated and Sustainable Agriculture systems. He has experience in horticulture as both a producer and entrepreneur, and has helped develop and implement unique projects that allow growers to adapt and engage with changing markets, while improving the sustainability of operations and returns.

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Tine has 19 years of experience in climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation from working in 27 countries on four continents.  Tine has focused extensively on developing integrated approaches to climate vulnerability and risk assessments, climate adaptation and participatory M&E that combines ecosystem concerns, disaster risk reduction, sustainable livelihoods and governance aspects. Tine holds a MA in International Relations / Economics from John’s Hopkins SAIS. Prior to joining the Ecolibrio team, Tine was CARE International’s Global Climate Adaptation Coordinator. She has also worked for the UN Development Programme, World Bank, DANIDA and WRI.

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