Rural Intermunicipal Development Plan Project

The Rural Multi-jurisdictional Intermunicipal Development Plan Project involves the participation of eight municipalities from rural southern Alberta, including: Cardston County, County of Newell, County of Warner, Municipal District of Foothills, Municipal District of Ranchland, Municipal District of Willow Creek, Vulcan County and Wheatland County. The project will lead in the creation of eleven different Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) between neighbouring municipalities (two municipalities per project).

The IDPs address land use and management along extensive border areas. While border areas are relatively undeveloped in the sense that there are few residents, they are often endowed with significant ecological resources such as wetlands, river valleys and provincially designated Environmentally Significant Areas, as well as rich mineral deposits, important regional highways and irrigation infrastructure.

Each IDP is uniquely designed to meet the needs to the neighbouring municipalities, ensuring more formalized ongoing communication and referrals. The IDPs also describe methods for conflict mitigation and resolution. Prepared for the Oldman River Regional Services Commission, 2014.


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