St’at’imc Community-based Adaptation Plan (Phase 1)

The plan was based on a examination of the climate resilience of two St’at’imc First Nation communities, T’it’q’et and Cayoose Creek.  The planning methodology integrated Community-based and Ecosystem-based adaptation techniques.  The project modelled potential climate scenarios for the region, and reviewed the communities’ socio-economic baseline and their ability to potentially adapt to future climate scenarios. The scope of the socio-economic baseline included: demographics, community attachment and social cohesion, attitudes towards change, economy and livelihoods, skills and eduction, health, agriculture and food security, shelter and infrastructure, emergency preparedness, and governance. Both communities participated in the design, consultation, research and outreach/awareness raising activities of the project.  Developed for T’it’q’et and Cayoose Creek communities, BC, Canada, 2013.


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