Xeni Gwet’in Community-based Climate Adaptation Implementation

Designed and implemented priority adaptation measures recommended from the Xeni Gwet’in Adaptation Plan (2009).  Projects included a combination of livelihood resilience and disaster risk reduction measures :

  1. reducing forest fuel around buildings in the reserve,
  2. assessing the local airstrips for large scale emergency evacuation and ingress of water bombers,
  3. range management planning for cattle grazing,
  4. alternative agriculture development planning,
  5. water conservation training for households,
  6. cattle management training for water protection,
  7. food preservation training,
  8. greenhouse construction with drip irrigation and
  9. greenhouse growing instruction, and
  10. integrating adaptation objectives into government planning.

Undertaken for the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation, 2010-11.

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