Shrinking Arctic ice predicted to impact global weather

Arctic ice shrinks to record-low

The National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado is soon expected to report that sea ice in the Arctic has now shrunken to the smallest extent ever recorded.  The five-day average ice level has shrunken to less than half what was recorded just four decades ago.

Scientists now predict that the Arctic Ocean could be completely ice-free in the summer months within just two decades, causing changes to the global weather patterns. In the short-term, Canadian scientists predict a colder winter in the UK and Europe due to the record melting of Arctic ice, which plays a critical role in regulating global climate.

Responding to the dramatic reduction of Arctic ice, Ed Davey, the UK Climate and Energy secretary has called for the EU to increase emissions reductions targets from 20% to 30%.  At the upcoming UNFCCC Climate change talks, Davey plans to further push towards a new deal in global climate change, stating “The fact is that we cannot afford to wait”.

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