The world’s fish predicted to shrink between 14-24% by 2050, UBC Study

Global warming to shrink world’s fish.

In a recent UBC study, computer models predict that the world’s  fish will shrink in size by 14-24% as a result of decreasing ocean oxygen levels.

The burning of fossil fuels is blamed for rising atmospheric temperatures, which in turn continue to increase ocean temperatures. As oceanic water temperatures increase,  levels of absorbed oxygen decrease.  “[As fish grow there] is more demand for oxygen… At some point the fish will stop growing,” Says William Cheung, lead author of the study.

Cheung’s research suggests that shrinking fish size will have “big unknown effects” on global and marine food chains as species shift from the tropics to cooler seas, stating, “[the] consequences of failing to curtail greenhouse gas emissions on marine ecosystems are likely to be larger than previously indicated”

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