“Win-Win”: Vicki Arroyo Talks Preparedness For Climate Change

Preparing For Our New Climate

In this TED Talk, Executive Director of the Georgetown Climate Center Vicki Arroyo speaks about the importance of proper preparation for climate change. In her to-the-point talk, New Orleans native Arroyo cites her own lived experience with climate change, and the work that her Center has been involved in in recent years.

Arroyo contends that preparedness planning often results in “Win-Win” situations. She demonstrates her point using examples from modern architecture and infrastructure, including raised subway grates in New York City. The point being that adaptation strategies can be both functional and attractive. She also offers interesting examples of green adaptations for infrastructure that help reduce indoor temperatures during heat waves.

Arroyo concludes her talk with a word of warning, explaining  that there “are no experts” when it comes to Climate Change. We are entering into uncharted territory and we must all “learn by doing, but the operative word is “doing”.

To watch the TED talk click here.

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